Logging in audiomate is done using the standard Python logging facilities.

Enable Logging

By default, only messages of severity Warning or higher are printed to sys.stderr. Audiomate provides detailed information about progress of long-running tasks with messages of severity Info. To enable logging of messages of lower severity, configure Python’s logging system as follows:

import logging

    format='%(asctime)-15s  %(name)s  %(message)s'

For further information check the python logging documentation.

Create log messages in audiomate

Logging in audiomate is done with a single logger. The logger is available in audiomate.logutil.

from audiomate import logutil

logger = logutil.getLogger()

def some_functionality():

Since audiomate has a lot of long-running tasks, a special function for logging the progress of a loop can be used. It basically is a wrapper around an iterable to check and log the progress. In order to keep the logs as small as possible, progress is logged in steps of 5 minutes.

from audiomate import logutil

logger = logutil.getLogger()

for utterance in logger.progress(
        description='Process utterances'):

    # Do something with the utterance,
    # that takes up some time.