Broadcast FormatΒΆ

The broadcast format is basically the same as Default Format, except it uses another format to store labels. This format is meant for data where not many utterances are given, but with a lot of labels. So instead to have all labels per label-list in one file, a label-file per utterance is used.


This files defines where to find the effective label files. It stores the label-file path per utterance. Additionaly a label-list-id can be given, if there are multiple label-lists per utterance.

<utt-id> <label-file-path> <label-list-idx>


utt-1 files/a/labels.txt
utt-2 files/b/music.txt music
utt-2 files/b/jingles.txt jingles
utt-3 files/c/trailers.txt


The label files reference by the labels.txt are in the following format. It contains the start and end in seconds. The values are Tab-separated. Optionally additional meta-information can be stored per label. This has to be a json string in square brackets with a space separated after the label-value.

<start> <end>   <value> [<label-meta>]


0   40  hallo
40.5    100 velo
102.4   109.2   auto [{"lang": "de", "type": 2}]